When my mother died in 1972, there were no grief groups for girls my age. There was no Facebook. There was no way for me to find other girls trying to cope with this same devas­tating loss. I felt alone and isolated. My experience was not a singular one. It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I became part of a support group of motherless women. Our experiences, fears and emotions were similar. In some ways, the group helped us finish our grieving. Then it surprised me by empowering each of us as well. It was as if the group itself became our collective surrogate mother. Two women went back to college, one got married, three had babies, another member of our group married off her daughter and another renovated the house she’d inherited from her mother. I was amazed. Motherloss Jewelry was inspired by these women in my group, and the enormous healing that came from connecting with them and sharing our lives with each other. The symbol itself is a fully healed but scarred heart. All the pieces are there… just perma­nently rearranged. If you have experienced motherloss, or know another woman or girl who has experienced this life altering event, you (or she) may find comfort wearing this jewelry.  After all, life is a lonely journey without a mom.  We are in the one club nobody wants to belong to. Help make this symbol known inter­na­tionally as our symbol. At the super­market, a business function or a party– finding another woman wearing Motherloss Jewelry may help us find each other. The goal is to connect and heal our lives.  Welcome to the club. A portion of the proceeds will be directed to grieving children and families. The_Dougy_Center_Orange